Vision + Values | Rationale

Luminous skin for life. 

RATIONALE is Australia’s leading prestige skincare brand delivering our trademark luminosity that is instantly recognised and desired.

In 25 years RATIONALE has transformed the skin and beauty landscape of Australia, delivering luminous skin for life through luxurious, results driven Essential Six formulas that deliver on their promises.

The cornerstone of RATIONALE is our Research and Development led by our Founder and Director of Research and Development, Richard Parker. As the world leaders in restoring and protecting skin radiance by preventing and repairing solar damage, our Essential Six system works in perfect harmony with the skin to achieve optimal skin health and radiance through our skin identical formulas.

RATIONALE is the perfect conduit between modern beauty and medicine; transcending traditional beauty propositions. 

RATIONALE is the platinum standard in delivering luminous skin for life.

“RATIONALE has transformed the skin and beauty landscape of Australia by creating formulas that deliver on their promises.”

Richard Parker, Founder