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The future of beauty is in your genes. And in your hands.

Genetics are the blueprint of life we’re born with, handed down to us by our parents. Until recently, we thought this masterplan was inevitable and unchangeable.  

But now we know better. Our genes are, in fact, highly influenceable. 

The science of these genetic on/off switches is called Epigenetics (literally meaning 'above genetic'). And everything we do throughout life – from our diet, behaviours and habits to our choice of skincare - are proving to be the most important determinants of gene expression.  

DNA skin analysis takes the guesswork and painful mistakes out of finding the perfect skincare programme. It’s specific to each individual and it is completely accurate.

Richard Parker, Head of Research + Development

In 2017, Rationale launched a groundbreaking skin genetic test called DNArray, which forms the core of every medical skin consultation in our Rationale Flagship Clinics

Noninvasively, we obtain a DNA sample from inside your cheek to identify specific genetic skin strengths and weaknesses. Based on the results, we prescribe a targeted epigenetic skincare plan to deliver healthy, glowing skin for life. 

The knowledge you gain from this medical skin consultation is the best possible investment you can make in your skin’s future. It’s empowering. How you age is now firmly within your control.

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Rationale DNArray Consultation

The Rationale DNArray Consultation is covered over two sessions - Phase 1 Data Collection and Phase 2 Analysis and Prescription.

Based on your individual results and skin concerns we prescribe and tailor a targeted epigenetic skincare plan incorporating our Rationale products and treatments to give you luminous skin for life. 

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