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80% of facial ageing is caused by the sun.

“In Australia, we are dealing with a multi-cultural, genetically displaced population that is not able to handle the damaging levels of sun in the Southern Hemisphere.” explains RATIONALE Founder and Director of Research and Development Richard Parker. 

Our ongoing research into the effects of solar exposure as the primary cause of facial ageing is at the heart of everything we do, earning us worldwide acclaim as an industry leader in the prevention and treatment of sun damage. 

One of our many inspirations has been a fascinating category of Australian plants called ‘extremophiles’ that can thrive in Australia’s extremely hot, desert-like conditions. Each of our Essential Six™ products is boosted with these native solar protection and repair Botanicals to help your skin weather daily life and thrive despite environmental challenges.  

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Superfluid Technology

SPF: it's a non-negotiable. These face heroes will give you glowing, hydrated skin whilst simultaneously protecting skin from the entire Solar Constant.

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