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Explore some of the most common skin conditions and how to treat them. 

Premature Ageing + Photo Damage

80 per cent of facial ageing is caused by the sun. This includes damage caused by UV, as well as visible light and infrared radiation (the Solar Constant). 

Signs of solar ageing can include changes to skin colour, texture and moisture levels. Sun damage can also cause more serious changes to the skin’s immune functions which may lead to skin cancer.

Daily SPF use is one of the most important factors in treating sun-damaged skin. Today’s new generation Superfluid SPFs deliver high SPF protection, while daily hydrating formulas utilise the power of sunlight to synthesise Vitamin D and re-firm skin support structures.

Topical B-Group Vitamins are also a mainstay in boosting skin's immune functions, combined with Broad Spectrum Antioxidants to provide complete environmental protection and textural regeneration. Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids rejuvenate sun-damaged skin by recalibrating pH to more youthful acidic levels, restoring smoothness, firmness and clarity. Finally, Vitamin A and DNA Repair Enzymes work synergistically to repair and reverse solar-induced damage as you sleep.

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Pigmentation describes a range of conditions where skin becomes discoloured with blotchy, brown spots. A common example is melasma. Pigmentation can be caused by hormonal factors, skin trauma and excessive sun exposure. 

Successful treatment depends on understanding the depth of the pigment and the underlying cause of the condition. Medical skin analysis and working with a RATIONALE Dermatologist will help determine the treatment options best for your type of pigmentation.

Environmental protection - including Superfluid SPFs, B-Group Vitamins and Broad Spectrum Antioxidant Vitamins and Enzymes - is vitally important in this condition as it helps to prevent the biochemical and cellular reactions that can cause skin colour changes.

Regular Enzyme Reactivation Treatments can also help to maintain a brighter, smoother and more even toned complexion. Prescription medication may also be considered. 

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Dry, Rough Skin

A rough, dehydrated texture is usually caused by an inability to shed surface cells combined with inadequate moisture levels in the skin’s upper layers. A build up of dead skin cells on the surface causes a rough, dry 'sandpapery' feel. As we age, and with accumulated sun damage, the enzymes that cause these cells to detach become less active, slowing down the rate of natural exfoliation.

The most effective treatment is to topically reactivate the skin’s natural enzymes to speed up cell turnover, and introduce a hydrator enriched with Natural Moisturising Factors and Intercellular Lipids to boost skin hydration. Topical skincare formulas containing Hydroxy Acids and Vitamin A are also effective in optimising cell turnover.

Ceramides are an integral part of your skin’s lipid layers and are essential for keeping your skin barrier strong and well hydrated. When our ceramide levels are healthy, skin looks and feels smooth, soft, hydrated and plump. However as we age, our skin’s ability to self-hydrate is diminished. Excessive sun exposure also accelerates moisture loss.

Daily application of nourishing Ceramides, Vitamins and Minerals will help restore the skin’s moisture balance, alleviating feelings of sensitivity, tightness and dryness. Choosing a gentle, Ceramide-rich cleanser is also incredibly important, as detergent-based or foaming cleansers strip the skin’s lipid layer leaving skin dry and exposed. 

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Oily Skin / Breakouts

Sebaceous and acne-prone skin involves over-active oil (sebaceous) glands and can affect the face, neck, décolletage and back areas. Sebum, along with dead skin cells and other debris, builds up inside pores, causing blackheads and whiteheads at the follicular opening. If the follicle becomes inflamed, the follicular wall can rupture, resulting in infection. After several days, pus may be seen and a pimple (pustule) formed.

The RATIONALE solution for acne-prone skin focuses on reducing follicular blockages, calming inflammation and reducing acne-causing bacteria. Skin nutrients such as Vitamin A, B-Group Vitamins, Vitamin C and Zinc will fortify skin health and barrier function while Hydroxy Acids applied nightly reactivate healthy skin Enzymes and Peptides, reacidifying skin pH to restore skin clarity. 

Monthly AHA-based treatments can also work wonders to keep skin healthily acidic, clear and radiant. In some cases, a course of prescription acne medications may also be prescribed by your Doctor.

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Hormonal Acne

Many women in their 20s, 30s and 40s are experiencing acne, some for the first time in their lives. Factors such as stress, hormones and pregnancy can trigger these breakouts, with frustrating emotional side effects. Sun damage is now also thought to play a significant role. 

Using aggressive products to “dry out” problem skin can make breakouts worse by impairing your protective skin barrier and its ability to heal and fight inflammation. A damaged skin barrier will encourage bacterial growth, so controlling inflammation, unclogging pores and balancing sebum output using gentle, Skin Identical formulas is essential.

Alkaline skin conditions favour the proliferation of acne-causing bacteria, leading to breakouts well into adulthood. Combinations of various Hydroxy Acids applied nightly - and combined with pH rebalancing treatments - will help to reactivate healthy skin enzymes and proteins, reversing pH damage and helping to restore skin clarity. Monthly AHA-based treatments are also very effective in keeping pores clean and skin clear.

In some cases, a course of prescription acne medications may also be prescribed by your Doctor.

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Rosacea is a common yet complex skin condition, almost unique to people of Northern European descent. Rosacea has a number of subtypes with contrasting presentations. These include permanent redness, sensitivity, blood vessel abnormalities (enlargement, “broken” capillaries or telangectasia), flaky skin, papules and pustules, and thickening of the skin. These conditions usually appear in a butterfly shaped pattern that covers the cheeks and nose. 

Rosacea usually begins with a tendency to “flush and blush” in childhood and adolescence. This is often accompanied by a ruddy complexion and sensitivity to skincare and makeup products. In the early adult years, this redness fluctuates and it is generally accepted that rosacea is a blood vessel disorder, but the precise mechanisms remain unclear.

Current treatment strategies for rosacea focus on reducing inflammation, regulating blood vessel proliferation and reducing exacerbating factors (eg. heat, alcohol or certain foods). 

Medical treatment of rosacea usually combines oral and topical medications and phototherapy (laser and IPL), as well as topical Vitamin A, Beta Hydroxy Acids and B-Group Vitamins. Topical Zinc Oxide is also a calming and highly effective sunscreen with anti-inflammatory properties. Gentle, thorough cleansing every night with Ceramides will also help to hydrate and purify without irritation.

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Sensitive Skin 

Sensitive skin is generally related to impaired barrier function of the skin’s surface layers. Without this vital protection, skin becomes dry and easily irritated. 

Our skin’s protective barrier function can be diminished through intrinsic ageing, sun exposure, climatic conditions and the use of skincare products that remove skin lipids (sebum) and cause irritation. Continual exposure to sun, pollution, irritants and the elements all impair the skin’s protective barrier, triggering dryness, dullness, roughness and sensitivity.

Strengthen your skin’s barrier daily with immune-boosting B-Group Vitamins plus powerful Antioxidants and Zinc-based Superfluid SPFs that defend against free radicals and damaging solar radiation. Nightly application of nourishing Ceramides, Peptides and Essential Fatty Acids are also integral to keeping your skin barrier healthy, hydrated and free of irritation.

Sun exposure and ageing cause our skin to become increasingly alkaline, impairing barrier function. At night it’s also important to recalibrate skin pH back to healthy acidic levels with enzyme reactivating formulas, in combination with Vitamin A and DNA Repair Enzymes which work synergistically to reverse skin DNA damage and deliver gentle rejuvenation, hydration and repair. 

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